OTE Closing Arguments: Show Penn State Some Respect Please


OTE's Penn State writers aren't feeling the love from the rest of the conference's fans:

Lastly, and more frustrating still, is that the same logic used to explain why Franklin won't/may not succeed at Penn State is being used to explain why Mike Riley and Paul Chryst are going to succeed at Nebraska and Wisconsin, respectively. Think about it: Chryst did not do so well at Pitt, somehow managing to grasp defeat from the claws of victory on a consistent basis (three times last season, off the top of my head). And Riley's tenure at Oregon State is highlighted by sometimes beating a highly ranked team, but never being one themselves. So like Franklin, we're ignoring what each coach did at the other school. The only difference is that for Franklin we seem to have decided he'll suck, but for Chryst and Riley we've decided they'll do just fine. Um...