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Gopher Football Opening Press Conference in Tweets...Confidence, Defense and The Axe

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I was unable to attend the opening press conference but thank God for Twitter.  Video and quotes will be available soon but why are all the highlights you need from Coach Kill's season opening press conference.

There is no doubt that expectations are higher and there is a level of confidence inside the program right now. But I don't think they are in position to be too overly confident.

Sid kicks off the Q&A by asking what I'm sure everyone in the room was thinking...

OK, moving on.  Maybe you heard that we are playing TCU this year?  But the number one thing Kill gets asked about? It is the Axe!

Lets talk offense.  Most of us are focused on the improvement of Mitch Leidner and who replaces David Cobb at tailback.  Coach say this is the biggest are of improvement needed...

Not that Mitch improving and the running backs (and receivers) aren't also important.  It sounds like Mitch is coming into this season confident and ready to lead.

Remember that Jeff Jones kid?  He was a rather highly sought after running back out of high school.  Well he's going to start this season at receiver.

Backup QB, Chris Streveler too I guess...

Sticking with receiver, I may have a slight man-crush on Melvin Holland Jr.

And the Defense.  The secondary is really quite good.  Lead by Eric Murray and bolstered by the speed of Jalen Myrick.

In fact he really likes the entire defense

And he should like this defense, recruiting this side of the ball was a priority.

The defense is set, time for the offense to catch up.

Cannot wait for the season to get started!  Lets GO!