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Minnesota Football News and Notes: FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS

If you're anything like a The Daily Gopher writer (and if you're reading this, there's a 95% chance you're a The Daily Gopher writer [I know who reads my posts]), you've been thinking about Minnesota Golden Gophers football season since January 2nd, 2015.  Sometimes obsessing over a person or thing when it chooses to be away from you causes feelings of resentment to build up over time.  By the time it comes back, can you even be happy with it anymore?  I mean, with football, of course you're happy when it comes back.  When that person suddenly chooses to settle for you because you're now "good enough," notsomuch.

Mostly I just love Reel Big Fish's guitar sound and frenetic tempos, so I found a reason to use a song I like and contextualize it.  And look at those chops! On to the Nugz.

Gophers' football bonds come together with opening of training camp - "They’ve got the Leidners (Mitch and Matt), the Ekpes (Scott and Hendrick), the Mayes (Alex and Connor) and the Huffs (Julian and Jacob) — one team, four sets of brothers. (And there's more ... and two Moores who aren't related.)... It’s a good sign for the Gophers when one sibling follows another to their school."

Gophers face tough questions heading into training camp - Four out of five of these questions are about the offense.

Sparknotes: Limegrover on KFAN In case you didn't catch Limey on KFAN (like me), 247 has the quotables from the interview.

Minnesota's season outlook - Maize n Brew Our sister site thinks Jerry Kill transformed Minnesota into a winner. Can the Golden Gophers win the (Big Ten) West this year?

What you need to know about Gophers training camp - This is a quick and dirty training camp summary.

With ACL healed, Scott Ekpe's ready to return to Gophers D-line - Scott Ekpe was in peak condition at this time last year, heading into his junior season, ready to fill the Gophers' defensive tackle void with RaShede Hageman in the NFL. After missing spring practice rehabbing his knee, he's ready to go for training camp.

Leukemia hasn't stopped Gophers new longsnapper candidate - This might be my favorite link of the day (and the B1Ggest of the day), because it was a story of which I was completely unaware. Jared Hartman was the long snapper last year, but he's leaving a year of eligibility on the table because he leveraged his degree into a career in his chosen field, engineering. Three freshman will battle for the job, and one of them was diagnosed with leukemia at age 6.

Gophers Football Plus: Previewing the season - The GFP video series from the Strib talks schedule and running backs.

Ex-Gopher QB Philip Nelson Walks-on at East Carolina - "Coach Ruffin McNeill announced the addition of four walk-ons, including Nelson, after the Pirates held their first preseason practice Thursday night."

Donations paying for Gopher Basketball's $200K trip to Spain - Gophers men's basketball team's trip to Spain will cost a little over $200,000 and be paid for by the program's enhancement donations fund, according to associate athletics director Chris Werle.

Casual aside: I'm sure landing their stories in the Nugz isn't a huge priority for the St. Paul Paper, but optimizing their content for search engines would probably benefit them generally (they were not in the top 75 stories I reviewed today). Just a thought, PP, if anyone is reading...