Shooter: Minnesota To Announce AD Norwood Teague's Resignation?


I've got no idea if this is true. If it is, I've got no idea as to the reasons (though I've got my guesses). Frankly, I think this kind of tweet is BS. If Charley is right he gets to claim he was first. If it's wrong, he either ignores it (because only bloggers think tweets mean anything) or because the use of passive language and the uncertainty of "if" mean he wasn't telling us something would happen.

So...yea. Stay tuned I guess?

UPDATE 9:16 am CT

More stuff is breaking on Twitter. Multiple folks saying an internal email just went out to U staff. No official confirmation from any U source yet.

UPDATE 9:40 am CT: Our story on the full statement from President Eric Kaler confirming the resignation. Also some statements from Teague. Reason is sexual harassment.