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Gopher Football 2015 Fall Camp Practice Report - Day 2

Thoughts and observations from Saturday's practice.

Today was the second day of Fall Camp for Gopher Football.  Since it was open to the media and I didn't have to be at my A-job I decided to attend.  To be honest there is not a ton to glean from these practices, especially before pads are put on but here are a few of my observations and how things look in regards to depth chart.

First of all it was a lot of fun to be watching football again!  The team was enthusiastic, practice was fast-paced and this team is going to be fun to watch!

This team really does have talent at a number of positions.  There is very real depth, tons of talent in the younger classes and the future is bright.

Play of the Day

True freshman Rashad Still gets behind the safety and true freshman Demry Croft hit him in stride about 35-40 yards downfield.  It really was a beautiful pass and nice job by Still to get a step on the DB.

Player Impressions

To be honest I had very little expectations for Demry Croft.  I had assumed that he was an athlete playing quarterback.  But I was very impressed today, particularly in the passing drills.  His ball was always a tight spiral (more than I could say about the two QBs atop the depth chart), on target and had some zip to it.  When a defense was added and things sped up a little bit he wasn't quite as sharp but that is to be expected on the second practice for a true freshman  But the kid has good size and throws a very nice ball to go along with his athleticism.  I will be curious to see what happens if Leidner gets injured later in the season.

I spent a lot of time watching the receivers and the young wide receivers all look impressive in uniform.  Jeff Jones was active and running with first team offense.  Melvin Holland Jr, Desmond Gant and Isaiah Gentry all looked good.  Rashad Stills is also a big (6'5", 200) and athletic receiver.  Of course they were running routes and making catches without pads, and it was only practice but they are impressive looking athletes.

Get to know this name...Adekunle Ayinde.  Redshirt sophomore from Blaine who was getting a lot of reps at safety.  It even appeared as though when the defense went to a nickle package he stepped into safety with Damaris Travis sliding up to nickle.  In a crowded and talented defensive backfield, Ayinde may be earning some playing time.

Offensive line starters appear to be Lauer-LT, Christenson-LG, Bobek-C, Campion-RG, Pirsig-RT.  In one of the videos below you will hear Kill say how they will still move guys around and get the best five out there, but that was today's first team offensive line.

It was pointed out to me and worth noting that Colton Beebe is a large young man.  Very thick chest, big arms...I bet his numbers in the weight room are impressive.

Here are a few videos from today...

Jeff Jones working with receivers video

Jerry Kill's opening comments on Day 2 of practice

Jerry Kill on Jon Christenson

Jerry Kill on Coach Adam Weber (it was not me who asked the question, I promise)