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Minnesota Football vs. TCU: College Football Haiku Time!

Forget serious previews, stats and the like. It's haiku time.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I love about SB Nation is that it's possible to get great interactions between communities, especially between communities whose teams don't play each other much. It leads to fun interactions like the crazy #TBT comment thread with Red Cup Rebellion, the bourbon filled podcast we did with Rock M Nation before the bowl game, or the haiku Twitterfest with Frogs 'O War staff and readers last fall.

I asked FOW about a haiku "competition" of sorts on Twitter and got a positive response and I knew this had to happen. What is a haiku? There are great internet articles about writing a good haiku that sticks to the traditional Japanese formula. When it comes to sports I tend to stick with the following as my description...3 lines, following a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable model. The more educated poets among us can explain why that's too simple a way to look at it, but for me it's good enough. Want some examples? Here is my Wisconsin HATE HAIKU post from 2012.

The official competition element of this post is a flop because I had no time to prepare rules or any sort of competitive structure. So consider this a Minnesota vs. TCU HAIKU OPEN THREAD of sorts and share your original submissions in the comments! Let the haiku "battle" begin!

I'll start us off:

Frogs O' War take heed
We seek a haiku battle
Commence poetry