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Minnesota Football: A TDG Poem "Golden Fleece"

Welcome back! Please stay awhile, and enjoy the poem. Plus Ski-U-Mah!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A Rams horn simulates a weapon of war

Cracking, smacking between alpha's

Dominance with a curl of manipulation

Fearless pride stripes their golden fleece

Powerful, thick legs ascend a mountain

A state of centennial strives for a winner

Leaving buff's to watch in awe

Golden fleece is the prize of Colchis

Heroic foreigners set their sails

A mythical land awaits to capture imagination

Fables blind men of stories of riches of the golden

Fleece sits upon the shoulders of a supposed king

A flag of gold & maroon draped among shoulders

Climbing! Struggling to reach the golden fleece

Captain Argonaut! Victory can only redeem

Once we depart the fleece will right our wrongs