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2015 Minnesota Football - Game 2 at Colorado State: 3 Stars, 4 Quarters, 5 Thoughts

In an ugly game yesterday, the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team managed to defeat the Colorado State Rams.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football team won in an ugly game; all aspects to include both teams and the refs. However, just because it was ugly doesn't mean I don't have any thoughts. Luckily for all of you I am going to be brief so some of my more insane thought won't be shared.

MN Football Week 2 Score


Three Stars

#82 Drew Wolitarksy (Jr - WR)

The junior from California had a great game. He gets the first star for is 114 yards and one touchdown; more importantly he gets it for sure hands, I don't recall him dropping any passes. Another great part about his game was his yards after the catch. Yesterday was a career high for him in receptions with 9, besting his former high of 5.

#4 Adekunle Ayinde (RS So. - DB)

Not bad Ayinde. I don't know how many tackles he made but I know how many he made prior to this game, one. Ayinde played in 7 games in 2014 but his first recordable stat was a tackle last week against TCU. After poorly timed injuries, this walk-on player was the next man up and did his job. Was he perfect? No, but he did make a number of plays.

#96 Steven Richardson (So. - DT)

Honestly, I think you all know why he gets a star. The pressure he put on the Rams quarterbacks helped our depleted secondary. Also, thank you for the TFLs.

Four Quarters (Do I have to?)

1st Quarter

Great start with an interception on the opening play. Oh look, here is the waitress with my beer.

2nd Quarter

Gophers are lucky to be only down by one point. The momentum seems to have shifted towards the Gophers.

3rd Quarter

Great start getting a touchdown in only 3 plays. Gopher's leadng and hold Colorado to only a field goal.

4th Quarter

My emotions! Why do you want to hurt me? Why do I let you hurt me? Touchdown! BS PI call refs.


Yes. Yes!!!!!!!

Santoso Celebration

Five Thoughts

Time for some controversy.

Minnesota WRs


1. #QBGAZE2015 - Part 1

Mitch wasn't that bad. No interceptions again, career high attempts. I only recall (I'm sure you will correct me) him have one huge miss (to Hart). I wanted to scream at some of the drop balls (Maye especially). My only big beef with Mitch was the fumbles. Too many fumbles

2. #QBGAZE2015 - Part 2

They should burn Croft's red shirt next Saturday. I don't want him to start this season, but I want him to have experience, both for later this year if needed and for next year.

3. Missed Tackles


4. Offensive Line

You got somewhat better during the game.

5. Injuries

Poor TE and safeties. Shoo (injury) bug, don't bother us.

MN Football Final Score week 2