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The Daily Gopher Rises to New Heights: A Self-Congratulatory Post Dedicated to Our Readers

We have an important announcement! We need all of you to stop what you are doing and listen! We've just made a horrifying[ly big] decision!

Hello friends,

We're only two weeks into football season, and while the results on the field have been mixed, the results on the blog have been FANTASTIC.  We have more and more people visiting this site every day, which is like our biggest goal.  Thank you all for spreading the word about TDG and for interacting with us in the comments sections of our articles.  You all make this site a fun place to talk about the Gophers.

Success, however, comes with a price.  And so, we're announcing a monthly subscription fee of $10 dollars for everyone who wants to participate in the comments.


I'm just kidding.  We wouldn't do that to you.  What we will do to you is increase the number of Recs required to turn a comment maroon!  Welcome to a new day, when you will be required to have THREE recs to have your comment highlighted.

We're playing in the big leagues now!  @Oracle gif me celebration!

Seriously, thank you all for making TDG a great place to hang out.  Make sure to raise you comment game!  Nobody's getting freebies anymore!