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Minnesota Football: Film Breakdown & Play Recaps By Derek Burns

The post where I implore you to follow Derek Burns on Twitter. Why? Because of film breakdowns like this one.

The object of this post is simple. First, I'm hoping you'll read it and immediately follow former Minnesota Gophers lineman Derek Burns on Twitter (@Derek_S_Burns). Why? After every Gophers game (that I can remember for some time at least) Derek breaks down formations, plays, and concepts that the Gophers used in that game. It's always interesting and enlightening and I really appreciate how he takes the time to share his thoughts, experience, and knowledge with Gopher fans. I try to retweet every one of the "Twitter Class" nuggets he shares, but I was AWOL during his presentation this week. Which got me thinking about the second reason...I know not everyone is on Twitter and I didn't want non Twitter Gophers fans to miss out on Derek's insights.

With Derek's permission, I'm republishing this past Sunday's series of tweets below (thanks for that Derek!). If you're like me, you'll learn a couple of new things and be given plenty to watch for in future games. Be sure to direct questions to Derek on Twitter (@Derek_S_Burns), or if you're not a Twitter person, put them into the comments where he can see them/where I can toss them his way. Enjoy!

Class is in session.

Talking jet sweep (or lack thereof):

On OL pass blocking:

The power of defensive line pressure:

The defense that will hopefully create a Piesman nominee:

These boots might be made for wheeling?

Rodney Smith has skills:

More from Rodney:

Has anyone mentioned that Steven Richardson is a beast?

Closing thoughts:

Thanks again to Derek!