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Minnesota Football - TCU, Colorado State Videos Videos

Take a look at some cool recent videos featuring the Minnesota Golden Gophers Football team and staff.

The video production done by the University of Minnesota is really quite good. Here are a couple of videos from the Gopher Gridiron (recruiting) and Minnesota Gophers (athletic department) YouTube pages that are worth checking out!

Gopher Gridiron

The Gopher Gridiron YouTube channel is new and I'm guessing most folks don't know about it. That's too bad as there are already two VERY cool "behind the scenes" videos from the TCU and Colorado State games. The TCU one is especially awesome. Really shows off what a great atmosphere there was at TCF and gives you some view that you wouldn't see otherwise (like a cool POV shot by the parachute team coming in with the American flag).

Minnesota Gophers

We feature videos from this channel on a fairly regular basis, but there is always more going up than we have time to highlight. Which is why you should definitely check the Minnesota Gophers Channel YouTube channel on a regular basis. The first video is one that we missed putting up, the highlights for TCU. The second was featured here over the weekend...the highlights from Colorado State.


Guys, if you like these kinda of videos, support them. Subscribe to them and like them on YourTube. Let me know what you think in the comments....and let them know what you think in the YouTube comments.