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Get TDG on Apple News!

We present to you with yet another way to get your TDG fix, and this one's kind of awesome.

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Good morning, sports fans.  As you may have heard, Apple released a new iOS for basically every mobile device that debuted after the iPhone 4S.  A few months ago, I bought an iPhone 6, and I've hated it every day since.

My main complaint is that the Safari browser is SLOW.  The wireless connection also kind of sucks but Safari being slow just made me so butthurt.  Checking TDG, even at my house, was a frustrating process because I would constantly have to reload each page, and sometimes I would have to reload an article just to read the comments.

Well, the new iOS has at least improved those functions, and my phone seems to be a bit faster in Safari.

The big news, however, is that Vox Media is a launch partner for the brand new Apple News app, meaning TDG is already fully operational on Apple News!

It is FAST.  Really fast.  The app basically presents you with a "Reader View" of each article, so it comes up right now.  Unfortunately it comes without some of the bells and whistles like embedded tables, but I'm hopeful those will come in a subsequent release.

So IF you have an Apple device and IF you have the new iOS and IF you decide to try the Apple News App, make sure to search for The Daily Gopher and add us to your favorites to get all of our content in your stream.

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Happy Friday! Your Kent State Centric Nugz will be up soon.

UPDATE @ 9:26 AM

Thanks to Longsufferinggopherfan for pointing out what I forgot to put in the article originally: you can't comment on an article in the first view the Apple News app provides.  At the bottom of the article's body, there is a link that says "Discuss with fellow fans on The Daily Gopher."  Click on that link to open up the traditional mobile-friendly site, where you can log in to your SBN account and comment.  The link also gives you the option to open the page in Safari, of all else fails.

It's a little clunky still, but hopefully it will get ironed out in a future update.