Gophers' Depth Chart for Sept. 19 vs Kent State


The Rodney Smith era has officially begun, as he now has sole possession of the top running back spot on the depth chart for this Saturday against Kent State. Rodrick Williams, we hardly knew ye. It is hard not to get excited about Rodney for this season and the seasons to come.

Depth on the offensive line continues to be a concern. I find it strange that we're in Year 5 now and we have a lot of bodies at the position, yet the drop-off from first- to second-string and beyond would appear to be significant. I think we'll be fine, but I can understand how some might be close to hitting the panic button. You don't hear much talk about the current redshirt sophomores on the line, so you're left to wonder how their development is progressing.

Damarius Travis and Ace Rogers are both out again, as expected, so Adekunle Ayinde will get the start at the safety position opposite Antonio Johnson.