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Minnesota Gophers Football News, Notes, and Links: Gameday vs Kent State Golden Nugz

Quick Previews of today's game

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

It's gameday, which means previews from other outlets beyond our own.

Gameday Previews

Joe Christensen at the Star Tribune predicts more experimentation from the offense today. Perhaps this will include not having anyone go down with an injury.

Separately, Christensen predicts a 38-6 victory for Minnesota. I happen to agree with that prediction, and hope it means that the starters sit the entire fourth quarter.

Lastly, there's a nice article on Steven Richardson, who is favorably compared to Aaron Donald. Claeys has said that everyone would have recruited Richardson if he was two inches taller.

I continue to refuse to post anything from the Pioneer Press because their website is the embodiment of everything wrong with web design: Lots of ads, video autoplay, large number of trackers, and excessive JavaScript. There is no reason to think that poorly of your users, especially mobile users with data limitations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Pioneer Press has a similar view of this game as the Star Tribune.