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Minnesota vs. Kent State: Film Breakdown & Play Recaps by Derek Burns

Play diagrams and in depth musings about Minnesota's offense and defensive performances against Kent State.


Last week I featured the fine film study and breakdown tweets of former Minnesota lineman Derek Burns (@Derek_S_Burns). As I expected, this post was very well received by everyone at TDG and I've gotten Derek's permission to repost his Kent State Twitter breakdown as well. If you're on Twitter and haven't already followed Derek, please do so now!

All done? Good deal!

Class is in session.

Defending the pistol:

One of my favorite offensive plays from Saturday:

On to less enjoyable offensive things:

The play where everything clicks, except for the last part:

A missed opportunity:

Running against an overloaded box, part 1:

Running against an overloaded box, part 2:

The benefit of strong pass blocking:

Your weekly reminder that Steven Richardson is great:

A little more defensive goodness:

Additional thoughts you'll want to read:

Enlightening follow up conversations with followers:







Thanks as always to Derek! If you have questions, make sure to share them in the comments and connect with Derek on Twitter (@Derek_S_Burns)!