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Minnesota Football #TBT Looks At Newspaper Coverage Of 1999 Win Over #2 Penn St.

When Derek Burns balled so hard on Tuesday I decided to compliment his post with some newspaper headlines celebrating the November 6, 1999 win over the #2 ranked team in the country.

Seriously if you haven't read Derek Burns' piece yet, stop now and read it.

Inside The Upset Of #2 Penn State

Ok good. Now images!


Minnesota reached bowl eligibility (eventually going to the Sun Bowl), also U of M students are buying computers!

The win deservedly made the cover of the Star Tribune.

Star Tribune editor earning his salary with that headline.

David vs Goliath headline over at the Pioneer Press.

Finally a couple dope photos.

Ron Johnson with a sick grab! Via Gophers Athletic Department.

Billy Cockerham! Via Gophers Athletic Department.