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The TDG Poem: "Great River"

Welcome Gopherians, and a warm welcome to the Bobcat fans! Enjoy the fire, and let us chit chat for awhile.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

16 patriots sit in a hall, as 2 deliberate on the hill

A buckeye second class among their minds

Wise, prudent ordinance building a foundation

Manasseh's bobcats pushed westward

Rust seeps from the Northwest

Grains ripen the southern plains

As Appalachians encroach the Mason Dixon

Allegheny buffs the steel within the city of three rivers

Tradition of Middle America

Men of honor or valor approaches our banks

Hunter green with stripes of white come out in pride

Holy day! Holy time they chide during our homecoming

A Soy triumphs with a husk crown

Three pegs for a throne, fourth sits idle for victory

They hail "Ohi-yo" as we scream Ski-u-Mah

Banners sway, banners rally

A knight may fall, A king will cry