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Minnesota Gophers Football: Ohio University News, Notes, and Links - Golden Nuggets September 5, 2015

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have much in the way of an intro today.  In gathering today's links for the opponent-centric nugz, it became clear that the Ohio University Bobcats do not fear the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  A day may come when MAC teams grudgingly accept their underdog status (rather than having the fact that they're ten-point underdogs piss them off), but that is not this day.

Tomorrow's game is going to be battle.

Minnesota a statement game for Ohio University | Buckeye Xtra Sports

Purdum said practices have been different leading to this game against the Gophers. "You are locked in because this can be a statement game for our team and our school,’’ he said. "It’s not as if we’re going in there trying to survive. We think we can beat them. Practices are more physical.’’

Ohio University head football coach Frank Solich’s weekly press conference, Sept. 21, 2015 | Bobcat Blog |

"I thought Kent did a very good job of playing defense against those guys. Now, I think Coach Kill himself said that offensively they need to get some things straightened out. He’s a bright coach, and they’ll go about that. "It’s not necessarily a good deal that Kent played them so close. It got their attention and they’ll focused on us and ready to go. "Kent did a great job of getting ready for the game and putting a game plan together."

Football Column: Ohio University has been 'underdogs' throughout history - The Post: Sports

Historically, Ohio has faltered when playing bigger football programs. In 2008, Ohio lost to Ohio State, 26-14. In 2005, Ohio lost to then-No. 4 ranked Virginia Tech, 45-0. In 1997, Ohio lost to then-No. 20 ranked Kansas State, 23-20. But Ohio is different this year — despite its Mid-American Conference tag — and Minnesota isn't exactly Ohio State nor Virginia Tech.

Gophers hold their ground with defense | Ohio University |

It’s time to cue up the Ric Flair soundbite. "You want to play the best out there. We think we’re the best offensive line, they think they’re a good defense. We’re excited for that matchup," Powell said. "You got to beat the best to be the best. That’s the way we’re taking it."

If you read one of these links, the last one should probably be it.  The writer clearly has a blogging background, and while he wasn't allowed to insert gifs into this piece, you can tell he had some in mind.  Hell, he even referenced the MonStars from SpaceJam.

I get that Ohio isn't intimidated coming into this game.  They have no reason to be based on the Gophers offensive performances thus far.  However, I don't that they fully appreciate how good the defense is.  Football Study Hall is still pretty confident the Gophers win this one.  Please let it be true!

Start Time TV Game Spread S&P+ Prediction S&P+ Margin Win Prob. Spread Pick
2:30 PM CDT BTN Ohio at Minnesota Minnesota -10.5 Minnesota (32.5-16.5) 16.0 82.2% Minnesota

Go Gophers!