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Minnesota beats Ohio Final Score: 27-24; Five thoughts from a Homecoming win

Minnesota continues to live on the edge.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well then. Everyone lose a couple years off of their lives? I did.

The Thoughts

- Stop me if you heard this before: Mitch was inconsistent, but did what was needed (and then some). He started the game 10-12 with two overthrows that didn't hurt the Gophers. The second half wasn't as good at first, until the 4th quarter. The drive that stalled with a field goal was a good one for Mitch except for the deep balls and anything that's a fade route. They need to stop asking him to throw fade. First, because fades suck. Second, because he's not good at executing them right now. At all.

But that 2 minute drill was almost flawless. Mitch almost threw the game ending pick, but outside of that he took everything Ohio gave him and led the Gophers on a really fantastic drive. Mitch was (I think) 5-6 and really showed command of the quick offense. Remind me again why they don't play faster tempo more? More of that maybe.

Oh, and he went 22 of 32 (68.8%) with a career high 264 yards.

- The freshman running backs look GOOD: Redshirt frosh Rodney Smith continues to impress in both the running and passing games. True frosh Shannon Brooks had a wonderful first game at the running back position. He showed great vision, burst, and cuts. Oh, and he won the game. I'm just going to link to some happy moving pictures to fill in the rest of this thought...

- Minnesota's defense was not Minnesota-ish enough: Ohio moved the ball too easily. At one point Minnesota had 3/4 of the secondary out with injury, but still. Tackling was a problem, coverage was a problem (#turnyourhead), and the defense could not get off the field on third (and even 4th) down. Not good.

- SMH at special play by special teams: Wow. Craig James muffed 2 punts early in the game (one wasn't really his fault though) and then fumbled on a return setting up Ohio's go-ahead TD at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I really, really hate singling a guy out like this but Craig James needs to not be in on punt returns until he improves his decision making. He muffs punts, he tries to return it when it should be fair caught, he lets it bounce and be downed inside the 10 when he should have fair caught it. The bigger issue is that this has been an issue for two seasons now. It needs to stop. And Shannon Brooks? You got a lot of well deserved kudos above, but that kickoff you touched when it would have gone out of bounds? NO.

And don't get me started about the kickoff after the go-ahead Minnesota touchdown. STOP DOING THOSE THINGS.

- So many injuries and not lucky at all: This team cannot get healthy and it's sucky. Ohio manages to miss the FG to extend the lead but moved before the snap and got another chance they made.

3-1 ya'll. Go Gophers!