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College Football Rankings: Week 5 AP & Coaches Top 25


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you're surprised Michigan is ranked? No one? Ok, let's move on and take a look at the notable details from this week's rankings.

Best of the best

First up, is a record for Ohio State:

Michigan State is still #2, despite their Oregon win being exposed as slightly less impressive following the butt whipping the Ducks suffered thanks to Utah.  Our friends at TCU survived their battle against Tortilla Toss University to be ranked #3/#4.

The rest of the B1G

After than, there aren't any ranked teams that are of immediate interest to Minnesota fans until we get to #16. Northwestern moved up to #16 in the AP while remaining #17 in the Coaches poll following their not as pretty as expected win over Ball State last night. Wisconsin is right behind them (#18 Coaches, #19 AP) following another defensive victory against Hawaii. And the media? The media is ready to fawn over Jim Harbaugh and confirm their own preseason hype by moving Michigan up to #22 in the AP poll. To be fair, the advanced stats buy Michigan as well, as the S&P+ has them ranked 10th. Don't let that keep you from ragging on the AP votes though.


You may be asking, what about the Gophers? No one here thinks Minnesota deserves to be ranked in the AP or Coaches polls and as expected they are not (they are at "#40" in the ORV category for AP, "#41" in the Coaches) . But the computers are pretty impressed with the Gophers, as the S&P+ rankings have Minnesota at #20. Why so high? Normally you might say Minnesota's defense, and indeed they are #11 in the S&P+ defensive rankings. But more important to this ranking is Minnesota's offense, which jumped up to #67 in the S&P+. One important note to remember is that this is the final week where S&P+ still considers preseason information (like last year's final ranking) in their numbers.

Full rankings

Here's the full Top 25 table for both major polls and the S&P+.

AP Coaches S&P+
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (61) Alabama
2 Michigan State (5) Michigan State (2) Florida State
3 Ole Miss (10) TCU West Virginia
4 TCU Baylor LSU
5 Baylor Ole Miss (1) Ole Miss
6 Notre Dame Georgia Clemson
7 UCLA Notre Dame Ohio State
8 Georgia LSU Oklahoma
9 LSU Florida State USC
10 Utah (1) UCLA Michigan
11 Florida State Clemson Georgia
12 Clemson Utah Notre Dame
13 Alabama Alabama Stanford
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma UCLA
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M Michigan State
16 Northwestern USC Wisconsin
17 USC Northwestern TCU
18 Stanford Wisconsin Baylor
19 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Duke
20 Oklahoma State Stanford MINNESOTA
21 Mississipi State West Virginia Florida
22 Michigan Mississippi State Penn State
23 West Virginia Florida Tennessee
24 Cal Cal (tie) Miami
25 Florida Oregon (tie) Texas A&M