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Like The Daily Gopher On Facebook

Everyone is in a better mood, which means it's the perfect time for us to hit you up for your social media love.

Hello there interesting, snappily dressed, and all around wonderful person who reads TDG. Are you on Facebook?

/most of the interesting, snappily dressed, and all around wonderful people who read TDG nod their heads yes

Wonderful! Are you following The Daily Gopher on Facebook?

/some of the same fantastic people shake their heads no

Why not?


You should totally like us on Facebook! It's a great way to break up the never-ending status updates supplied by the Facebook algorithm from all those people whose posts you never "Like" (seriously, what's up with that Facebook?) and that you never talk to in real life but are too nice to unfriend/never friend in the first place.

Perhaps more importantly it's a great way to make sure you stay up to date on the latest and greatest TDG content!

Also, it's totally easy! Just give in to my incessant nagging and click the little Like button to the right. ----->

Not logged into Facebook right now because you wisely fear them tracking your every move? Then just head over to the TDG Facebook page, log in, and click Like!

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As an apology for the shameless self promotion, here is a BERT DERP GIF from Saturday to make you smile: