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Minnesota vs. Ohio: Film Breakdown & Play Recaps

Minnesota's offense improved while it's defense regressed, something reflected in this week's Derek Burns Twitter film breakdown!



What JD said! Class is in session!

GoAUpher note: My name is on this piece, but I'm just a content robot compiling Derek's fine work by embedding tweets and putting in some snappy section headers. I take no credit for anything smart said below.

Some well read option

Avoiding the mismatch

Making the right call

Sh*ts and Motions sets up the play of the day

Close but not quite

Dat back shoulder throw again

Still close but no cigar

Ohio can't jump

ED NOTE: Here's that burst in GIF form thanks to Ryan Burns (@RyanBurnsMN) of Gopher Digest:

Failed stunts are painful

Shannon Brooks will beat you one on one

Additional commentary

ED NOTE: I'd rather not contemplate that.

Enlightening post-class conversation





Thanks as always to Derek for taking the time to help us understand the game better each week! Make sure to follow him on Twitter!