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Minnesota Football: A TDG Poem "Purple Reign"

Welcome! Please have a seat in the hypothetical chair in the corner. This is my inaugural post for TDG, and this Golden Gopher football season!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Purple knights of the 12

Usurpers of King Longhorn

Invaders with a tenacious bite

Striking as a leopard on the hunt

Banners wave under the ninth month

Gold & Maroon gleams with a shimmer of hope

A Gleam that beckons the purple knights to arms

The arms of masses will witness

Black cladded scales hide vulnerability

Hardware along their fingers demand respectability

Only scribes write in retrospect

Hailing a new king, a new champion

A gopher resides amongst the field

Pestering, burning as the knights arrive

They cry for victory

Yet, the Gopher cries Ski-U-Mah