Associate AD Mike Ellis Taking Leave Of Absence


Sigh. For those who may have missed it, the Norwood Teague story has reappeared in a new form today. I am going to cover the basics and return for football to the moment. Not because this isn't important (allegations of sexual harassment are important and should always be treated as such) but because there isn't enough information publicly available right now to make this worth flogging to death. Here's what we know from the STrib:

The U confirmed Wednesday that Teague’s hand-picked assistant, Mike Ellis, has "voluntarily" agreed to take leave from his job as outside lawyers the U hired to investigate sexual harassment and discrimination issues — "or other appropriate authority" — look into five anonymous complaints against Ellis received since Teague resigned in August. The U says that Ellis is cooperating in the investigation. The U said that a prior complaint about Ellis, filed in January 2013 and investigated by the university’s human relations department, was closed without any disciplinary actions. State law restricts the release of further information about the complaints, a spokesman said.

The STrib has more than a few more words in it's story beyond these ones, but none of them are especially noteworthy or important. We'll stay on top of this story as it develops, but for now you should feel ok to return to football related revelry.