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Big Ten Football Power Poll--Week Four

A whole lot of meh....but this week we will start to move

Michigan is slowly rising up...
Michigan is slowly rising up...
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As a member of the "working media" we get requests to help out other "media" in their articles and pursuits.  Then sometimes we get to steal their ideas and content for our own gain.  Thus, we bring you the Big Ten Power Poll!

I am a voting member in two power polls this season on other websites.  If you want to compare my votes to other "writers" from around the Big Ten, I'm sure they would love a click as well.  Check out the Rutgers Blog www.SalSoothsayer and another blog covering the whole conference, With out any further delay, I bring you the Preseason Version, of the Big Ten Power Poll.

Big Ten East

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

Western Michigan was not a tough task.  Guessing an even 4-0 Indiana team should not be either.

2. Michigan State (Previously #2)

Central Michigan did not put up much of a fight, but MSU is banged up.  Still...if they have a problem with Purdue this week....yikes

3. Michigan (Previously #3)

Michigan looked great in whipping BYU.  Can Harbaugh keep it up in the Big Ten? Guessing a trip to Maryland should be an easy first step.

4. Penn State (Previously #4)

Penn State didn't have much trouble with San Diego State...and since they are already 1-0 in the Big Ten they get what should be one more really easy week against Army.

5. Indiana (Previous #5)

4-0 Indiana? What year is it?  The Hoosiers struggled a bit in the second half, but beat Wake Forest on the road. This week is just a little bit tougher as the Buckeyes come to town.

6. Rutgers (Previously #7)

Rutgers beat a Power 5 Team!   Sure....its Kansan but everyone has to start somewhere.  Enjoy your bye week.

7. Maryland (previous #6)

West Virgina ran you over with a truck.  Be glad you don't still have burning couch embers on you.  Oh..Michigan comes to town for a prime-time battle.  Good luck.

Big Ten West

1. Wisconsin (Previously #1)

Wisconsin kept it a lot closer against Hawaii then I thought.  May be a bad omen when Iowa comes to town this weekend.

2. Northwestern (Previously #2)

Ball State made it more of a game then I expected, but Northwestern still looks decent.  They are almost as hurt as the Gophers this Saturday could be.....interesting.

3.Iowa (Previously #3)

North Texas was not a worthy opponent.  Iowa fans are happy.  What world is this.  Should be a fun one in Madison Saturday.

4. Minnesota (Previously #4)

Another close game against a MAC opponent;.  Not a lot of confidence going into the Big Ten.  Entire team seems to be hurt.  Lets hope they can put that all behind them on Saturday...if not, look out.

5. Nebraska (Previously #5)

Huskers thought about losing to Southern Miss, but decided to win after all.  I'd say its a rather easy Big Ten opener at Illinois....but with this tam I'm not really sure.

6. Illinois (previously #6)

Barely beating Middle Tennessee...there's the Illini team we all know.  Nebraska will be a bit tougher Saturday.

7. Purdue (previously #7)

Oh Purdue.  Not like this.  Will the Harbor come out for Michigan State?


In case you are a pre-divisions purist, and want to see how teams stack up overall, here is my overall Top 14:

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

2. Michigan State (#2)

3. Wisconsin (#3)

4. Northwestern (#4)

5. Iowa (#5)

6. Michigan (#8)

7. Minnesota(#6)

8. Nebraska (#7)

9. Penn State (#9)

10. Indiana (#11)

11. Illinois (#10)

12. Rutgers (#14)

13. Maryland(#12)

14. Purdue (#14)

Not a lot of movement this week....gave the Wolverines a bounce after a nice win.  This week will show us a lot, and we will see a lot of movement next week.

Arguments?  Likes?  Dislikes?  Think I am an idiot?  Tell me in the comments