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Minnesota Basketball: Golden Frozen Nugz 1-19-16

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Scoggins gets the workweek kicked off with a big article on the crossroads facing the University Athletics.  More questions than answers in every corner you look.  Athletic Director? Need to hire on.  Football coach? On a very short trial that may or may not go well.  Basketball coach?  An absolute disaster right now with a significant turnaround needed next year.  Hockey? Even that is questionable.  So  yeah...potentially going to be major upheaval over next couple years.

My opinion?  Football will be OK.  Claeys will have benefit of an easier schedule to go along with a senior quarterback, he will win several games and buy himself a couple more years.  An outside athletic director will be hired in the Spring.  Richard Pitino will be given next year but it will be his last.  An Don Lucia will not truly be on the hotseat for at least a couple more years as the new athletic director gets acclimated.  But that's just my opinion.

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