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Gophers Hit the Road Still Looking for First B1G Win - OPEN THREAD

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


Bloomington, In


1:15 pM



Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Indiana Hoosiers Pos.
PG Nate Mason 13.3 17.7 Yogi Ferrell PG
G Dupree McBrayer 4.9 7.7 Robert Johnson G
F Jordan Murphy 10.8 5.0 Collin Hartman F
F Joey King 12.2 13.1 Troy Williams F
C Bakary Konate 4.7 11.9 Thomas Bryant C
Bench Carlos Morris 10.4 3.9 OG Anunoby Bench
Bench Kevin Dorsey 5.8 6.4 Nick Zeisloft Bench
Bench Charles Buggs 6.6 8.1 Max Bielfeld Bench

The Hoosiers finally lost their first Big Ten game of the season in overtime at Wisconsin on Tuesday. The Gophers...they are looking for their first Big Ten win. Up next is a trip to Michigan for Indiana so maybe we can catch them looking ahead a little bit.

Keys to a Gopher Win (yes, I realize the futile-ness of this exercise)

Maroon_key_medium Force Turnovers- This is a pretty significant issue for Indiana as they currently rank 308th in offensive turnover %. Last time we played them we turned it over more than they did, the difference was slim but it matters if you want to win when you are really struggling. Our margin for error is slim and not giving away possessions is very helpful. Taking what they give us in turnovers and hopefully getting some easy baskets as a result would help a lot too.

Maroon_key_medium REBOUND - Indiana is really, really good at hitting the offensive glass and will kill us if we don't box out. In our last meeting they recouped 31% of their own misses while securing 85% of our missed shots. They dominated the boards. Cannot have a repeat of that, must rebound and win the rebounding battle.

Maroon_key_medium Make Free Throws - Seems to be an issue in every game, particularly the close ones. If we managed to keep this close, we need to make free throws down the stretch. We currently rank 10th in the league in FT% at 70%, but seem to miss when it matters most.

KenPom gives us a 5% chance to win this one on the road.

I predict a Gopher win!

(only because I'm going to predict a Gopher win for every game the rest of the season and eventually I'll be right. Then I'll say, "see, I told you they'd win.")