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Minnesota Basketball-Previewing Indiana

The Gophers continue their odyssey to find a conference win in Bloomington.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota heads to Bloomington to play the Indiana Hoosiers today. The Gophers are 6-15 on the season and still winless in conference. Indiana is 17-4 overall and 7-1 in conference play. The Hoosiers only loss was their last game at Wisconsin in overtime.

Provide Me the Essentials to View this Game

Who are the Gophers Playing

Indiana Hoosiers

What time are they playing

1:15pm CST

Where are they playing

Assembly Hall

Can I watch the game on TV

Yes. BTN.

Can I listen to the game on the radio

Yes. 1500ESPN.

Tell me more about the Opponent

Indiana has been hot fire for most of the conference season. The Hoosiers have the best statistical offense and defense in the conference. Why then are they not getting more respect nationally. Well it might have something to do with the cakewalk front loaded schedule. The Hoosiers played Rutgers, Northwestern, Illinois, and Minnesota. KenPom currently projects the Hoosiers to finish the season at 13-5.

On offense, Indiana averages 1.15 points per possession. They are the top shooting team in conference, leading in both effective field goal percentage and three point percentage. The Hoosiers are second in the conference in free throw shooting, and third in two point shooting. This is extra impressive because Indiana does not get to the line often, meaning that most of those shots are jumpers.

The Hoosiers primary offensive struggle is holding on to the ball. Against the garbage schedule that I mentioned earlier, Indiana still managed to turn the ball over one out of every five possessions. That puts them at 308th in the nation in taking care of the ball.

On defense, the Hoosiers give up less than .95 points per possession. The Hoosiers do about everything one expects a good defensive team to do. They clean the glass, contests shots everywhere, and get steals. They have a tendency to foul, though this game is at Assembly Hall so I expect that to be a non-factor.

Indiana is led by Yogi Farrell, who has still somehow not graduated. Thomas Bryant and Troy Williams are also major contributors. Farrell, Williams, Max Bielfeldt, and Robert Johnson are all solid three point shooters. Expect one, if not all of them, to have major games today.

Keys to the Game

  1. Force Turnovers. The only part of the game that Indiana is not good at is taking care of the ball. Minnesota's defensive effort has improved as the Gophers have risen to sixth in the conference in forcing turnovers. The Gophers will need to pressure Indiana into as many mistakes as possible to keep the game close. 
  2. Increased Defensive Effort. The win still has not arrived, but the Gophers have improved on the defensive end of the court. Rotations have been crisper, and Jordan Murphy has managed to go more than four minutes at a time without picking up two fouls. Minnesota held Purdue to far below their season average on offense. They will need a similar effort against Indiana.
  3. Make Threes. Minnesota is unlikely to have success against Indiana inside, so the Gophers will be forced into a lot of three point shot attempts. If Minnesota shoots like normal, this will mean an Indiana rout.


  • Minnesota loses by 20. 80-60. 
  • Dupree McBrayer plays double the minutes of Charles Buggs.
  • Jordan Murphy picks up a double double.