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Minnesota Football: Mitch Leidner Derangement Syndrome - Know the symptoms

We’re like WebMD only for sports rage.

Matador BBQs One Day Cup - QLD v NSW Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Those of us spending time on Twitter during Minnesota’s game on Saturday noticed a disturbing outbreak in the Gophers Twitters. A virulent strain of glee started to overtake Minnesota fans and it wasn’t very pretty. Its sudden spread worried our staff of sports rage virologists so we began working on a cause immediately.

The behavior we observed was quickly diagnosed as Mitch Leidner Derangement Syndrome (MLDS). Initial symptoms of MLDS may include satisfaction that Mitch is injured or relief that FINALLY the backup QB of your choice will show everyone why Mitch shouldn’t be playing. Symptoms become more acute when the backup QB plays for the first time and can include the following:

Blaming Mitch for things select national media members said:

Using impossible to prove hypotheticals:

Saying things that are easily refuted by the most basic stats:

Blind hatred:

Anything resembling this statement:

Or these:

Awkward capitalization to emphasize your disgust:

Rhyming your insults:

Completely false hyperbole:

Using a “this one time” argument:

Possibly wishing for a guy on the team you cheer for to remain injured:

Turning Mitch-less tea struggles back to Mitch:

Feeling positive things because a guy on the team you cheer for is hurt:

Blaming Mitch for the way the OC calls games:

TL;DR Diagnosis

When your vitriolic statements about Mitch Leidner read like something Jim Souhan wrote, you probably have MLDS.