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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Commitment to Eight - Gophers Land 3-star Georgia Corner, Trey Creamer

NCAA Football: Iowa at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

(*Editor's note...What the heck does "Commitment to Eight" mean? It is our new recurring title for recruit commitments referencing a commitment to work towards the Gopher's Eighth National Championship. A little bit tongue in cheek, but why not right?)

Better late than never, but this commitment occurred last week. Trey Creamer took his official visit for the Iowa game and committed to the Gophers on that following Thursday.

The Georgia native had reported offers from Louisville, Cincinnati, Maryland, Michigan State, Purdue, Wake Forest and West Virginia. Now I’m not exactly sure how committable those were, but according to Scout, those were his offers.

Creamer plays corner and running back for his Cartersville, GA high school team that is undefeated and on a 23-game winning streak after winning the 4A state championship last year.

Let’s get to know the newest future Gopher.


GopherIllustrated ($cout) with video from Creamer’s high school coach and their analysis of the young man.

Creamer is a cornerback with a great frame and length coaches look for in a prospect at this position. He is quicker than some expect and he has very good recovery speed. He plays smart at cornerback and he has shown good anticipation in coverage. Where he can still improve is his strength and overall technique.

(Likely Fraudulent) Measurables**

** The section title is intentionally facetious regarding how recruiting sites (and even some college coaches) notoriously exaggerate traditional combine measures -- especially the 40. No offense is meant.

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Fake 40 Time: 4.7

Love the length and frame of Creamer, this is probably what I like the most thus far.

Big 4 Ratings:

Site Stars Rating Position Rank
247 Composite 3 .8221 148
247 3 80 175
Rivals 3 5.5 -
Scout 3 - 88
ESPN - - -



Junior year highlights:

TDG Analysis

In Two Words - if you have to remember just two things about this player...

  • Length
  • Fluid

Absurd Comparisons

Kiante Hardin comes to mind. Not great speed but plays with quickness, instinct and has very good length. Hardin has been compared to Murray, but neither of these guys have the speed of Murray. But in terms of instinct and fluidity, I think you’ll see some similarities on the field between Hardin and Creamer over the next couple years.

Scheme Fit

This is an ideal corner for Jay Sawvell. Creamer is tall, has long arms, is fluid and will be taught to improve his footwork and technique. But he has instincts on the field and I anticipate he is a kid you’ll see playing a lot in the coming years.

I’m a big fan of tall corners who have decent speed with good quickness. This is that kind of a corner.

Impact on Other Prospects?

Two safeties are on the board and Creamer is the lone corner. There are currently 5 corners on the roster who are a Sophomore or younger so it’s tough to say whether or not they’ll bring another on in with this class. Much like every other position, if the right guy comes along I doubt they’d turn him away (Quran Hafiz for example). I suspect they’ll actually take one more corner and probably another safety (with Cherelus moving to OLB eventually).

Recruiting Map