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Strolling Through Twitterland: PSU vs. Minn

Undisciplined Gophers Only Have Themselves To Blame

As a Gopher football fan we have all been conditioned to accept losses will happen. The Gophers are not Alabama or Ohio State, they are going to lose some games. I learned a long-time ago to move on from the losses pretty quickly. I let the losses ruin the rest of my Saturday but come Sunday I give my daughter a hug and all is well with the world again.

Coming into the season I felt there was a quiet confidence about this team and I picked them to go 10-2. With their schedule I felt 10-2 was attainable. I chose one of the two losses coming against Penn State. My thinking was it was the first road game of the season and the first time at Beaver Stadium for all of the players. It can be an intimidating place to play if you’ve never played there before. I am writing this on the Sunday after the game. I have given my daughter her morning hug and one could then assume I have accepted this loss. But I want to be very clear here, I am STEAMING HOT about this loss.

Big picture this loss doesn’t ruin their season nor does it take them out the of the B1G West title discussion. As I stated above, I picked them to lose this game coming into the season. So why am I so upset this particular loss? Here’s why; Penn State was begging the Gophers to put this game away. Instead the Gophers showed Brewster era discipline and it came back to bite them.

I wrote this after the Indiana State game: the penalties were unacceptable. These issues need to be addressed before B1G play begins. You can get away with these mistakes against Indiana State but a team like Iowa Penn State will punish you for these types of mistakes”. This is exactly what happened against Penn State. Despite all of the mistakes and all of the penalties, the Gophers were still in position to win this game, that’s how badly Penn State wanted the Gophers to win this. There is zero excuse for this loss! The Gophers and their undisciplined ways cost them the game and it’s as simple as that.

But ultimately the main reason I am so upset about this loss is because once again the Gophers failed to seize the moment. Die-hard Gopher football fans wonder why the local media, heck national media, and sports fans throughout the state don’t take the Gophers seriously. The result of this game is why. Whenever the Gophers have the chance to seize the moment to be taken serious, they choke. I’m not saying this game is up there with the 2003 Michigan debacle. But this game would have sent a message throughout the B1G the Gophers are legit contenders. Instead we are sitting here lamenting another lost opportunity.

I typically like to include my thoughts and observations after the game, but since this is a family show I am going to forgo them this week on account they would be rated R.

But onto what really matters; the Stroll Through Twitterland.

The main hashtags for ths game were:





@MrThroman has his priorities right. It's #HATEWEEK ya'll!

Good Dog. Would pet. Thanks @aagreene87 I needed that.

See above @InAWomansWorld I feel the same.

@besellers sigh...

@DustryTrunks thinking positive thoughts.

Last but certainly not least @BenjaminJDawson sigh...

How are you feeling about the game? Are you as upset as I am or have you moved on? Is this just a blip on the radar or a sign of things to come?


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