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Rutgers Comes to Minnesota on Homecoming - OPEN THREAD

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports



Date: October 22, 2016 Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 11:00 AM Central Stadium: TCF Bank Stadium
TV: ESPNU Radio: KFAN 100.3
Gophers Radio Network

Internet Stream: IHeartRadio app Know Thy Foe: On The Banks
Weather: 64 sunny
Line: Gophers -18

3 Keys, 2 Players to Watch, 1 Prediction

Maroon_key_medium Keep It Simple Stupid - Run the ball, keep the passing game simple and then run the ball. Whatever the offense did against that again. The Rutgers rush defense is much worse than Maryland's. Run the ball downhill all day and let the Gopher backs get some work in again.

Maroon_key_medium No More Mistakes - Penalties and turnovers are what will keep Rutgers in this game. Their offense is terrible, their defense is don't give them short fields or stop yourself on drives. One of these weeks the stupid penalties need to die a slow death.

Maroon_key_medium Win Special Teams - I think the Gopher defense is good enough to keep Rutgers from having a big game. I think the Gopher offense is good enough to get a few touchdowns today. So win special teams and wrap this game up with a bow.


  • #7 - RB - Robert Martin - I know they are making a QB change and that is possibly going to spark the Rutgers offense, but Martin is the one to stop. Make the new kid throw it by stopping the run.
  • #10 - DB - Blessuan Austin - Sophomore with a bunch of pass breakups and a pick.


A big homecoming win for the Gophers, but the Rutgers offense finally scores.

Minnesota - 32
Rutgers - 10