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Minnesota Football: Off the Cuff Cinematic Thoughts

You can’t get to the top without a few stumbles

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to eschew my usual 3,4,5 post after this past weekend’s game in order to focus on the strong feeling and sentiment that, “these are the same old Gophers,” “It’s just a game by kids, it shouldn’t effect us,” “Minnesota will never amount to nothing,” etc, etc, etc.

First off, this season is a completely independent event from every other season in Gopher history. Tying what happened in 1972 or any other past season to what happens in 2016 isn’t too logical.

Second off, I don’t think that Penn State was a “bad” team. They’re ranked 38th by S&P+. Are they beat up in some positions? Sure. Are they not as good of a team as a very talented and solidly coached Michigan team? Obviously. Do these two factors make them a bad team? Not really. There is statistical evidence that indicates that the Nittany Lions are an above average B1G team this year. If we had lost to Purdue or Rutgers, it’d be a different story and I would be all about pressing the large red panic button.

Anyways, I’m not going to cite any statistics from here on out in this post. I’m just going to use motivational words from movies to create good vibes going into an important home game against a hated rival. That’s what’s on our plate next. Who cares about the season. Focus one game at a time. Sure we got knocked down on Saturday in heart-breaking fashion. But that’s life.

The team can mope about the injuries, the suspensions, the loss, or questionable calls. Or they can dust themselves off, get back to work, and MOVE FORWARD!

Because if they just let them, that is the doubters and the haters in their own fan base get the best of them, if they quit on this season, on their fellow teammates, on their coaches, they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, Gopher fans of all ages, this season isn’t over! It’s not over until Claeys and Company decide it’s over! (WARNING: COARSE LANGUAGE!!!!!!)

Minnesota doesn’t need to look forward to Maryland or Nebraska or Wisconsin... The Gophers just need to focus on the step in front of them. They just need to put in the work this week. Forget about all the noise from the fans, the media, all the other bologna and focus on the fundamentals.

Let’s be honest. We as die-hard fans, and I’m sure the student-athletes as players actually in the situation, take this far too seriously. They (and us) feel like hell right now. Just had a game feel like a swift kick to the face or groin. Lost a game by inches. But that doesn’t mean they can’t claw back out of hell and fight back for those inches. (WARNING: COARSE LANGUAGE!!!!!!)

Minnesota can’t flee from the fight at hand. The odds may be stacked against them and it’s possible that they’ll lose. They could lose every game from here on out. Or they can stand together, and trade all the days after this one and play for that one chance at a beautiful pig! The Nittany Lions may have taken our win-loss record but they can never take our Floyd!

All the Gophers have to do is keep their composure as long as nobody freaks out...

Some people have gone to the “same old Gopher” narrative, claiming that they’re just a lost cause and they always will be. That they’re licked. But the fight is still there.

Sure, there is the fear of losing to Iowa and many other opponents this season. And we could lose. We could have our spirits and trophy case shattered. We all secretly fear that deep in our hearts. But it has not yet happened. Not this day!

Shall the Gophers retreat? Shall they turn away and fall back?

They just don’t realize how money they really are. The Gophers aren’t Gophers at all! They’re like a big bear, man! (WARNING: COARSE LANGUAGE!!!!!)

They’re no longer fighting for themselves or for something as lame as the Freedom Trophy, but for something greater. They’ll be fighting for their right to live and exist in the Big Ten West!

Let’s get Floyd back everybody!