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Minnesota Goes to Nebraska Looking for 5 Straight Big Ten Wins--OPEN THREAD

Rodney Smith is ready to lead the Gophers into Lincoln
Rodney Smith is ready to lead the Gophers into Lincoln
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


November 12th, 2016

Location: Lincoln, NE
Time: 6:30 PM Central Stadium: Memorial Stadium
TV: BTN Radio:

KFAN (100.3 FM)
Gophers Radio Network
XM Ch 195
Sirius Ch 135
Sirius XM 195

Internet Stream: BTN2Go Know Thy Foe: Corn Nation
Weather: 45 with an almost full moon
Line: Nebraska by -5

3 Keys, 2 Players to Watch, 1 Prediction

Maroon_key_mediumContinue to Run it--But don't be afraid to put it in the air.- Rodney Smith and Shannon Brooks are the bread and butter of this team. Get them the ball in positions to succeed. But Nebraska knows this too, so if the downfield passing game is there, don't be afraid to let Mitch take some chances. Its what won us the game here two years ago. Nebraska has the #10 pass D in the Big Ten. Exploit it. Good Mitch is due to return sometime...right?

Maroon_key_medium Test whomever is at QB - If Tommy Armstrong does play, the Gophers will need to try and mix up some coverage, try and confuse him and make him use his head. You don't want to reinjure him, but a few clean hard hits will go a long way to seeing just how close to 100% he really is. If its Ryker Fife, pressure him. He can not run like Armstrong so relentless pressure with a few more blitzes then you would see against Tommy should be called for. Make the QB make mistakes early and often..

Maroon_key_medium Penalties - Its a night game in a huge stadium on the road. You can't, can't, can't can't take stupid penalties tonight and hope to win. Be disciplined and good things should happen.


  • #34 - RB- Terrell Newby - The senior is the Huskers leading rusher and one would expect nomatter who is at quarterback that he will see a larger role that usual tonight.
  • #25- S - Nate Gerry - TGerry will be around the play..he always is. You will hear his name a ton on defense tonight, but hopefully its tackles after long gains and not because he is creating turnovers.


I'm torn because I really do think it comes down to what QB can play. If Armstrong plays, the Gophers have to spy him and are more susceptible to Newby running it up the gut on them. If its Fyfe, the Gophers can be less concerned about the qb run and just play their game. So I'm copping out.

With Armstrong:

Nebraska- 31

Minnesota - 27

Without Armstrong:


Nebraska 20