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Big Ten Power Poll—Week 12

A ranking that will completely chance by Saturday night

Northwestern v Minnesota
Lots of this to Badgers please...
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images we are. The last week of the regular season. This one is going to be fun. And my list will most likely in no way look like this next week.. Here is how I rank the teams after Week 12.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)

The Buckeyes just inched past Michigan State when the Spartans decided to go for the win instead of the tie and failed. The Game comes to Columbus on Saturday in hat is basically a playoff play in....or is it??

#2 Michigan Wolverines (LW#2)

So did good Indiana show back up this week or is Michigan spiraling downward towards their biggest game of the season? I guess we find out Saturday in Columbus.

#3 Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #3)

Rutgers was no problem. PSU is playing for a chance at a trip to Indy if OSU beats Michigan. Maybe even a playoff berth...somehow? They need to beat a surging Michigan State Team and win the Pew-Pew Lazers! Trophy first though.

#4 Indiana Hoosiers (LW #4)

Indiana gave Michigan a game but it was just not enough. Now it all comes down to a game for the Old Oaken Bucket to get to play a 13th game in Detroit or New York City...

#5 Michigan State Spartans (LW #5)

Hi there Spartans. Unfortunately your season started three months ago and not 3 weeks ago. Putting the pressure on at the end is commendable, but you will still be playing the last game of your season Saturday. Can you play spoiler for PSU?

#6 Maryland Terrapins (LW #6)

Terps started 5-0. They are now 5-6. Oops. Need to beat an awful team to get to either Detroit or NYC. Can they do it??

#7 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW #7)

Good news....only 60 minutes left. Bad news.....still 60 minutes to go.

Big Ten West

#1 Wisconsin Badgers (LW #1)

The Badgers look like they will cruise into Indy...unless miracles happen this weekend. Do you Believe in Miracles???

#2 Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #2)

Ryker Fife beat Maryland. So did Connor Rhoda. But can Ryker Fyfe beat Iowa if needed? I’m not so sure. So it might be Tommy or bust on Friday for Nebraska to have any minute chance to going to Indy.

#3 Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #3)

Iowa is looking a lot like preseason Iowa in the last few weeks. They now will look to win the corn bowl and steal the Gophers landing spot in sunny warm San Diego with a win.

#4 Minnesota Gophers (LW #5)

So yeah....that Gopher defense that showed up last week. Going to need that bigtime Saturday. Can we bring back the Gopher offense from like 2003 too? Time to party like its 1993 or 2003....your pick.

#5 Northwestern Wildcats (LW # 4)

So...Northwestern needs to win Saturday to make a bowl game. Lots of pressure to beat the Illini...who have nothing to play for but being a spoiler. If NW Fitz in trouble?

#6 Illinois Fighting Illini (LW #7)

Can Illinois take over Chicago from Chicago’s Big Ten Team? Big statement game for Lovie.

#7 Purdue Boilermakers (LW #7)

Purdue has only the Bucket left to play for. But Les Miles might be coming to West Lafayette? So lose a bucket, gain a lawn mower?

My Rank 1-14

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (LW #1)
  2. Michigan Wolverines (LW #2)
  3. Wisconsin Badgers (LW #3)
  4. Penn State Nittany Lions (LW #4)
  5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW #5)
  6. Iowa Hawkeyes (LW #6)
  7. Minnesota Gophers (LW #7)
  8. Northwestern Wildcats (LW #7)
  9. Indiana Hoosiers (LW #9)
  10. Michigan State Spartans (LW #10)
  11. Illinois Fighting Illini (LW #11)
  12. Purdue Boilermakers (LW # 12)
  13. Maryland Terrapins (LW #13)
  14. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW #14)