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Happy Thanksgiving from TDG

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

An annual tradition here is to share what we are thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving. I’ll give you a short list of what I’m thankful for and you are expected to follow suit in the comments...

TDG Staff

I typically am very thankful for the TDG community (and I still very much am) but this past year I’ve been especially thankful for the TDG staff. We have several consistent and talented writers. We have all of the major sports and even the minor sports covered and it makes the blog run smoother. And most importantly it helps to get fresh content up for you all. More than anything they are a lot of fun to banter with. If only you guys could see some of our slack conversations, particularly on game day :).

A fun crew and it makes this labor of love something to look forward to.

Gopher Basketball is fun to watch again

It is only 5 games in, but this team is different. This team is at the very least entertaining and fun to watch. Last year was so painful, this year is young and things may drastically change when we hit the Big Ten season, but they are worth tuning in for (when they are actually on TV) and the band wagon will fill up.

Leidner Island

The creation of Leidner Island and how it took off with the @LeidnerIsland folks was really quite fun. The Gopher QB is a constant source of discussion and controversy within the fan base. But it shouldn’t be taken so seriously and I love how this crew is supporting a Golden Gopher who is a great kid, good leader and one we should be proud to have represent our favorite program.

The University Athletic Communication Department

I’m thankful that they are so easy to work with and do such a great job of delivering the message of the Gopher Sports brand. Sometimes, in this town, that must be awfully challenging. But they have been great to TDG and it really is fun for us to have access to a variety of teams and cover the program as best we can.

8 wins

I’m thankful for an 8-win season with the chance at 9. Some may be disappointed but this was the first time I ever remember every single game was within reach and the Gophers took care of the teams they were supposed to take care of. Granted...Wisconsin hasn’t happened yet and this could change the entire perspective, but today I’m thankful for the 2016 season.

I’ll stop there...your turn to tell us what you are thankful for in 2016. Nothing is off the table, I chose to focus on Gopher/TDG related things but feel free to be thankful for families, friends and good health/fortune.

Thanks for coming here and being a part of the TDG Community.