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Gophers in Madison, Mission: Take Back the Axe - OPEN THREAD

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Anti Bucky


November 26, 2016

Location: Madison, WI
Time: 2:30 PM Central Stadium: Camp Randall
TV: Big Ten Network Radio: KFAN 100.3
Gophers Radio Network
SiriusXM 196
XM Ch 196
Sirius Ch 135
Internet Stream:
BTN2Go Mobile App
Know Thy Foe: Bucky's 5th Quarter
Weather: 32 degrees and sunny
Line: Wisconsin by -14

3 Keys, 2 Players to Watch, 1 Prediction

Maroon_key_medium Must Get a Good Game From Leidner - I wrote this last year as well but it is pretty important. Bad Mitch will make it awfully hard for the Gophers to overcome. A good game from Mitch doesn't guarantee anything, but Bad Mitch and we really have no chance. Time for the senior leader who has a chance to alter his Gopher legacy to come up with a great game. It's possible.

Maroon_key_medium Turnovers and Pressure - Alex Hornibrook has thrown just one pick in his last 5 Big Ten games. But the freshman QB is capable of giving the ball away. In addition to picks, the Gophers lead the Big Ten with 15 forced fumbles, many of them coming from sacks. So get lots of pressure on the QB, force him to either throw it too soon or put it on the ground when he gets hit. Turnovers will really help the Gophers on their way to a win in Madison.

Maroon_key_mediumFind a Way to Score - The Badger defense is exceptional, elite. It is going to be really challenging to find points, but the Gophers have to find a way. Maybe it's on special teams, maybe the defense has to do it. I don't care, just find a way to score.


  • #12 - QB - Alex Hornibrook - Corey Clement is pretty important too, but Hornibrook has the chance to kill us or keep us in it.
  • #42 - LB - TJ Watt - F Him. I hate him. Is anybody reading? Just wondering. (this was the exact same wording from last year's thread, different player, same brilliant commentary)


I'll predict a win, cause I usually do (and one day I'll hopefully be right). I think that Mitch puts it together and brings home the Axe for the Gophers.

Minnesota - 16
Wisconsin - 13