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Minnesota Football: SNOWSTORM VS Purdue 1947 #TBT

In 1947 a blizzard came through Minnesota the day before homecoming.

Snow removal before November 8th game vs Purdue, 1947

Purdue came to Dinkytown in 3rd place in the conference. Minnesota was in the midst of a under preforming year. They already had two losses and the end of a storied career was almost in sight for Bernie Bierman. But it was homecoming so the fans were excited, 63,659 brave souls endured the cold to see the Gophers take on Purdue.

On Friday November 7th, 1947 it had started snowing early in the morning. The forecasts initially were only for light snow on Friday. In 12 hours that day the temperature dropped 25 degrees and 9 inches of snow fell. There were actually 3 deaths statewide, but I can find nothing that the Homecoming game was ever in serious doubt. The field had been covered and groups of students spent the day clearing snow from the stands.

GAME ACTION 1947 vs Purdue

The game itself was pretty entertaining. Purdue led for 49 minutes before Billy Bye was able to take over the game.

AP article from November 8, 1947

Here is the recap from the game!

Bill Bye Sparks Gophers' Surge In Last Half

By MAURICE PUTNAM Of The Associated Press

Minneapolis, Nov, 8

Minnesota's persistent gophers. sparked by Halfback Billy Bye, put on a second half drive that brought them a 26 to 21 victory over Purdue's fighting football team to-day.

Bye climaxed his best day of the season by thrilling a homecoming crowd of 63.659 fans with a 60-yard fourth period touchdown gallop to bring the Gophers from behind for the triumph.

It was the second goal line crossing of the day for the 176-pound Bye and matched the performance of a fellow halfback, Bub Hausken. Sub Fullback Don Bailey added the points after Bye's touchdowns but his attempts after the Hausken tallies failed.

PURDUE DOMINATED the first half. counting two of its touchdowns in the first period and another in the second. Halfback Norbert Adams plunged over right guard from the nine-yard line for the first score and only Purdue, tally made on a run.

The other Purdue touchdowns resulted from passes. with Quarterback Bob DeMoss doing the pitching on both. End Norman Maloney scored the second Boilermaker touchdown after taking a 21-yard pass in the end zone. End Clyde Grimenstein wound up Purdue's scoring by taking DeMoss' jump heave from the 15.

THE TEAMS battled in 27-degree weather and in the second half fumbles and interceptions were frequent as the players' fingers be-came chilled. A 29-mile northwest wind handicapped DeMoss in his second and third period passing attack.

One interception resulted from Purdue's aerial effort to regain the lead after Bye's long run. Gorgal faded back, lateraled to DeMoss who threw a long pass intended for Maloney. but Bye snatched the ball on the Gopher 35. Minnesota took possession and completed two ground plays as the time ran out.