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Gophers Seek 10th Win with Northern Illinois Huskies Coming to the Barn - OPEN THREAD

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4:00 PM



It is a Christmas Miracle...the Gophers are on TV...AGAIN!!!

Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Northern Illinois Huskies Pos.
PG Nate Mason 12.9 10.3 Laytwan Porter PG
G Dupree McBrayer 114 6.4 Dontell Highsmith G
F Amir Coffey 13.0 11.5 Aaric Armstead G
F Jordan Murphy 9.7 11.1 Jaylen Key F
C Reggie Lynch 8.4 14.4 Marin Maric C
Bench Eric Curry 6.6 3.9 Justin Thomas Bench
Bench Akeem Springs 8.9 6.9 Levi Bradley Bench
Bench Bakary Konate 2.9 2.2 Marshawn Wilson Bench

Minnesota native, Marshawn Wilson is the local angle to watch on this Huskie team. The Hill Murray product averaged 26 points per game as a senior and as a freshman at NIU he averaged 11 ppg, making the MAC All-Freshman team. Always worth nothing the local kids who didn't get a Gopher offer. Curiously he is playing fewer minutes and only averaging 2.2 ppg this year but he is capable of having a big game.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Maroon_key_medium Stay Out of Foul Trouble - NIU's offense is not very efficient or productive and they are particularly bad from the arc. I'm expecting them to get to the paint, where we need to make sure we don't foul and put them on the line. Big guys be big, don't fould please.

Maroon_key_mediumMake Free Throws - I havne't used this as a key lately but am putting it back up today as a key to making sure we come away with our 10th win of the season.

Maroon_key_medium Just Keep Doing - Things are going well for this team right now. They are winning and seemingly having fun doing it. Just keep the momentum going.


Gophers get another win and move to 10-1. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon of Gopher basketball!