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Strolling Through Twitterland: WSU vs Minnesota

Gophers Ride Defense to Victory

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Minnesota vs Washington State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I would like to apologize for not posting after the Northwestern and Wisconsin games. I was sick the weekend of the jNW game and I was in Las Vegas the weekend of the Wisconsin game. I suppose I could have posted after the Wisconsin game but, well, Vegas baby, yeah!

Secondly, this won’t be a very long post as I had no intention of watching the game. I don’t know why, maybe it was my own little boycott, maybe it was from football just not feeling all that important right now with everything that has taken place the past few weeks, or maybe I didn’t want to watch the Gophers get rolled by the high-octane Washington State offense. But, I ended up at a bar with some family I haven’t seen in awhile. We had some drinks, shared some laughs and watched bits and pieces of the game in the background. It was a great night! Then the strangest thing happened, the Gophers completely bamboozled said high-octane Washington State offense and won. Can’t lie, never saw that one coming. What a strange few weeks it’s been for the Gophers.

Anyway, onto what really matters, this weeks Stroll Through Twitterland.

Here are this weeks main hashtags:





I love this guy, I mean, I seriously love this guy! This is what it’s all about friends.

Well, Celestin has been a hit machine this season, so why not hit a ref as well. Before you call and complain, no I do not condone hitting referee’s, well until they make a bad call against my team, then hit away (I kid, I kid).

It wouldn’t be a Gopher game without a targeting call...

What in the Sam Heck was that all about anyway?!?

Come again? I didn’t hear you correctly the first time. I thought I heard you say at least WSU will win their bowl game.

Just in case you missed it @bigcat_37 this is how the game actually played out.

I laughed.

Who says you can’t win with only one down-lineman?

Goldy doing Goldy things.

Last but certainly not least; thanks Mitch for always being a class act!

There you have it, this weeks Stroll. Thanks for reading this season. I hope I kept you entertained and took your minds of life’s little worries for a few minutes every week.


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