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Minnesota Gophers: #TBT Historical Holiday Shopping Guide 2016

Want to buy a unique and historic gift for a Gopher fan? Want to buy something for yourself? Let’s check out what’s around the internets this holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!
If we are playing hot or not, I’d definitely vote hot.


Want a game worn jersey? Ebay can HOOK YOU UP.

1962 Rose Bowl Pennant

Pennants and Buttons

Show em who you root for by buying a pennant!

Goldy is always in style.


Here are a couple real cute Goldy items.


This is my yearly rant about this. If you are familiar with this just skip it.

You like historic pictures, I mean who doesn't? Giving historic sports images to the person who has everything says, "bullshit you don't have everything, here is a cool as hell photo to put in a frame and on your wall."

You can buy Gopher images for football, basketball or hockey either from the Minnesota Historical Society or Ebay. From MNHS what you are buying will be a reproduction made from the original, you can buy it online and it'll be shipped to your door. I have several of these and no one knows it's not the real thing, suckers.

If you want an actual print from the 1940s go on over to ebay, collectors are out here selling real photos all the time. Most of these photos come from a guy called John Rogers, who is kind of an a-hole. So I'd advocate you don't buy them.

Want a game used football? you’ll have to pay top dollar.

Incredibly miscellaneous Minnesota Gopher stuff