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Minnesota Basketball: Dear Gopher Basketball, I Still Love You

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Gopher Basketball:

I know things have been a little tenuous lately, but I want you know that I still love you.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but I don't know why you push me away.  This past year has been rather difficult and I just don't understand why are you testing my love for you and putting me through such heartache?  WHY? I think I can confidently say it is you, not me.  But I won't give up, I'm not leaving and you can't end this life-long love affair.

On this day of love I am choosing to remember the good times.  The Final Four, last second Big Ten Tournament wins, incredible atmospheres at the Barn, upsetting top-ranked teams and...well...basically the good ol' days.  They live on in my memory and I refuse to let go the dream that you and I will once again be happy.  One day we can relive those happy days.

I have never once thought about leaving you for someone else.  There are others in close proximity who would give me more reasons to smile, but the thought of being with them was just too much to stomach.  But if I'm being honest, I have thought about adding other people to our relationship.  Maybe it would add a spark, maybe it would renew the passion and excitement?  But I will always take you just as you are.

I know it will take some work to build back trust and return the love to the passionate levels it was once at.  But it can be done.  I still love you, I always will.