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Minnesota Basketball Beats #6 Maryland: Highlights

It wasn't always pretty, but that's the best thing about only see the best moments!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest. There was a stretch in the 2nd half where Minnesota put together some really, really bad offensive possessions. Despite this, they beat the #6 team in the country by five points. What does that mean for you and for me? It means we get to enjoy a Minnesota Gophers Basketball highlight video for the first time since, well, the Clemson game. On November 30th. Of 2015. Take a moment and savor it Gophers fans.

Did I mention how happy I am right now? Because I'm pretty happy right now. Here are some quick things that I liked when reviewing the game via the highlights (only positives shall be discussed, because that's all we can see):

- The confidence Minnesota played with in the first half. Decisive shooting, good decisions, I liked it all.

- Jordan Murphy has the tools. You can just see how much better he could get.

- Joey King, knocking down threes again.

- Defensive spurring offense. That short stretch in the 2nd half where TO's led to fast break buckets makes you dream of a team that creates like that all game long.

- Joey closing it out at the line. Perfect ending for the senior.