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Minnesota Basketball: Golden Nugz Following a B1G Gopher Win over Maryland

The best Gophers news and links for your Friday.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear that Gopher Basketball finally got a Big Ten win last night?  Hard to believe, but it happened and it happened over the #6 ranked Maryland Terrapins.  Seems like a Nugz is in order.

Gopher Football Stuff - by the way Spring Practice is less than two weeks away.  Hard to believe but it is almost here.

  • The 2016 game to look forward to the most is the conference opener against Iowa.
  • Off Tackle Empire has some spring positional rankings for the conference.  I think safeties is a big miss without any mention of Damryus Thomas, but he did miss much of the season and if you aren't intimately familiar with Big Ten safeties then I suppose it is understandable.  Offensive line sees the Gophers ranked 14th, which maybe is fair but for the fact that they are totally wrong on projected starters.

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