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Minnesota Football: National Signing Day Eve and other Gophers stories

Here's a quick look around the Minnesota and college sports landscape heading into National Signing Day

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy "Caring Is Creepy" Eve Day everyone! Let's see what's making news on the Gopher webs and around the nation:

Minnesota Football:

- Joe C delivers a nice profile on one of the Empire Class recruits Gopher fans were most excited about, quarterback Seth Green.

- The Minnesota coaching staff isn't afraid to sign multi-sport athletes. A great example? 6-foot-5, 270-pound Garrison Wright, who was the subject of a short pre-signing day feature by Andy Greder at the PiPress.

Pre National Signing Day From Around The Nation

- SB Nation looks at the 21 best (wildest) stories to ever come out of NSD. Let me put it to you this way...if you're cranky about Snelson you should A) not be and B) read this ASAP to realize that he's really not doing anything that big.

- Notre Dame realized that you don't have to use fax machines anymore. Seriously, this rates as news because no one else is doing it.

- If you're going to DM something mean about someone else, make sure it's a DM before you send it. Just ask Nevada's head coach.

- Worried about Minnesota's recruiting class? It is light years ahead of Purdue's.

- Jim Harbaugh collects friends like Sid Hartman and he's bringing them all to Michigan's NSD party:

The Detroit Lions are screwed

- Seriously? Randy Edsall AND Al Golden? At one time? Prepare to be underwhelmed Detroit.