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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Dredrick Snelson & Coney Durr - Final Crystal Balls Before National Signing Day 2016

Let's take a look at where two of Minnesota's more coveted recruits are predicted to land on National Signing Day.

For the most part, we know what Minnesota's recruiting class is going to look like on Signing Day tomorrow. There might be a surprise or two, but all in all the list is pretty much set. Two exceptions to that are wide receiver Dredrick Snelson and cornerback Coney Durr. Both Snelson and Durr have received a lot of attention in the recruiting homestretch and neither is a lock to end up at Minnesota.

Before we get to Signing Day, I wanted to catch up the non-recruitniks among us with the possible landing places for both Snelson and Durr. I also wanted to get last minute predictions from everyone on where they think both players will go.

Dredrick Snelson

Scroll of the Sworn

Current 247 Crystal Ball

GoAUpher's Completely Worthless Prediction:

Not Minnesota, probably Maryland (I think he follows the Daniels twins).

Coney Durr

Scroll of the Sworn

Current 247 Crystal Ball

GoAUpher's Complete Worthless Prediction?

Minnesota Golden Gophers, because I've got a good feeling.

Where do you think Snelson and Durr end up?