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TDG News: Recommended Comments Edition

February is the time for navel gazing.

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Afternoon and happy Friday everyone. In the previous update on the TDG Hall of Fame, GopherNation gave full statistics on comments. There was a separate question about recs. What follows is a limited answer to that question. We are grateful to GophNYC for writing a scraper that pulled the last 100 pages of archives for us. With that information, here are the updated rec rankings.

Most Recs

The SartorialisT  is not only the commenter of the year, but also the most recommended commenter of the year. He (based on an old username and apologies if wrong pronoun) racked up the most recs at 1360 in our sample and the fifth highest recommendation by post ratio at 1.64 recs per post. The table of the top recommended commenters by total recs is below.

Commenter Total Recs Recs Per Post
The SartorialisT 1360 1.64
DarkKnight5 1014 .99
GoAupher 871 .135
michael.vinters 689 1.36
morrismpls 661 1.07
IronMonkee 564 1.47
amiller92 548 1.09
GopherNation 485 .93
jimipig 443 1.01
Ustreet 227 1.24

Recs Per Post

Of course, not all of our commenters are frequent commenters. Here is the same chart by recs per post filtering out all commenters under 50 comments in the period

Commenter Total Posts Recs Per Post
Matt Humbert 108 2.69
WhiteSpeedReceiver 98 2.23
MyDragon 228 2.00
Jeffrick 53 1.85
The SartorialisT 831 1.64
cheap beer and loose women 79 1.59
IronMonkee 383 1.47
gopherguy05 130 1.43
Nashvlgopher 63 1.43
GopherBusch 64 1.42

Stacked up against all commenters with at least 50 posts makes The SartorialisT's numbers look even more impressive. The lesson to take away is to include lots of expletives in your posts. Additionally, look at these stats Matt. The people are demanding your insight.

Recs are of course fun, but the happier part to me was that we had 574 different commenters over the period I looked at and over 150 who commented at least 10 times. Our community is the most fun aspect of being a writer at TDG, and I'm happy that y'all find our corner of the internet an enjoyable place to be.

Most Commented Posts

Our community is most active during open threads, which is unsurprising. Seven of the top 10 threads, and 15 of the top threads were football open threads. 17 of the top 20 threads were football related in general. I'm personally proud that most comments per post length was on Minnesota Loses to South Dakota, which had 217 comments to one picture of a tire fire.