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2016 National Signing Day: Minnesota Football Empire Class OPEN THREAD

Your one-stop shop for live updates and commentary on the latest crop of Golden Gophers!

National Signing Day

Only the NCAA could orchestrate a day where we all sit around staring at our Twitter feeds waiting for teenagers to sign the athletic version of a mortgage, complete with the need to send in the form using an antiquated and outdated piece of technology that we all hate.

(I know that's a printer, just go with it.)

I hate to guess at the loss of productivity the US will suffer today. And everyone make sure to keep all the SEC fans in their thoughts. I also shudder to think about how many poor souls will be injured in Paul Finebaum caller related rage fits. #SEC #SEC #SEC

This is an open thread for everyone to share their thoughts and comments about the 2016 class of Minnesota football recruits. Please, add your contributions below!

Also, this thread will serve as mission control for all the day's activities. Surprise commitments, official signings and the coaching staff's thoughts on the newest Gophers. Stay tuned throughout the day for updates, or simply follow along with the NSD Story Stream.