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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz - Post-Signing Day Wrap-Up

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Another National Signing Day is over and done with. The Gophers signed a class of 20 scholarship athletes and four referred walk-ons. In his press conference, Claeys did mention that there would be three open scholarships left, so it'll be interesting if the staff attempts to fill those this offseason. To be honest, there isn't much talk about this class outside of Minnesota. It's not a class that a lot of pundits are going to be salivating over, but it is a solid group will certainly help this football program. So all I have are a few local links regarding this latest recruiting class.

Claeys Stamps His Image On First Recruiting Class - Star Tribune
Claeys talks about his approach the last three months, the change in philosophy on the offensive line, and how he feels the Gophers are faring in recruiting battles with more heavyweight programs.

Gophers Recruiting Class Built In Minnesota - Pioneer Press
Eden Prairie linebacker Carter Coughlin headlines a solid recruiting class full of homegrown talent, which could pay dividends for the Gophers in the coming seasons.

One Gopher Hopes To Play Football and Baseball - Sid Hartman
Minnesota native and newly minted Gopher wide receiver Drew Hmielewski is hoping to be a dual-sport college athlete. Plus, a tidbit on how Mike Sherels has impacted the Gophers' recruiting efforts.

Top Moments for Minnesota on National Signing Day - Big Ten Network
Claeys speaks with BTN analyst Mike Hall about the recruiting process and how he feels about the incoming class.

In terms of recruiting rankings, here is how the Gophers fared among the most prominent recruiting sites: - 55th overall (10th Big Ten)
Rivals - 50th (10th)
Scout - 42nd (8th)
247 Sports - 48th (9th)

What are your post-NSD thoughts? How do you feel about the recruiting class? Now is your chance to weigh in as we close the book on another class of soon-to-be Gophers.