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Big East Tournament and Beyond: Friday's NCAA Conference Tournament Viewing Guide

More fun games to watch today as the action heats up around college basketball.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

More fun games to watch today as the action heats up around college basketball. Below are my top games to watch if you are a college basketball fan or want to research your NCAA Tournament bracket.

GN's Bourbon Night-Cap Game of the Day

Oregon vs. Arizona

TV: Pac12 Network
Time: 8:00 CST
Conference: Pac 12

For my money this is the defacto-title game.  No offense to Utah and Cal, who are very solid teams but Arizona slipping to the 4-seed was not exactly expected.  Should be a great game of two very talented teams. Oregon the only game of the year between these two teams and they did it at Arizona.  Now in Vegas.  In their previous matchup it was an offense display where Oregon averaged 1.23 ppp and Arizona was at 1.11.  If you can find it on TV, should be well worth your time.

Other Games to Watch

Villanova vs. Providence

TV: Fox Sports 1
Time: 5:30 CST
Conference: Big East

Nova is the Big East's top team and Providence has arguably the league's best player. The Wildcats are certainly favored here but these teams split their regular season match-ups, each wining on the other's home floor.

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma

Time: 5:00 CST
Conference: Big 12

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame

Time: 1:30 CST
Conference: ACC

Long Beach State vs. UC Irvine

Time: 10:59 CST
Conference: Big West

Hoops are heating up and it is FANTASTIC.